Generation one

1.5 Improvements


Let’s start with chaos. Angry babies, Alexia about to pee herself, the sink broken, Teagan not caring and Jack pretending all is right with the world. Okay, let’s go!


To get the girls out of the house, I send Alexia to the tavern to work on her logic skill.


And Ada is back to writing.


Teagan spends her day with the toddlers while Jack tries to get the house in some kind of order again. Jessica learns to talk and they both got started on potty train.


Jack isn’t doing a really good job of cleaning up the house. He had to go to work and he had to eat so the house is still trashed.


The twins are exhausted and so is Teagan. Its time to get everyone to bed already. I have no idea where the older two are at this point, they probably retreated to their own beds already.


Jessica is too tired to sleep in the rocker. She demands a bed. Too bad Jessica, you’re not getting one.


There are the older two. Ada mad her sister fell asleep on the floor and Alexia not giving a crap.

Ada: I HATE babies! Argh!

Then go to bed.


Teagan! You’re stepping on Jessica!

Teagan: Who again?



Jessica somehow survives being stepped and is finally placed safely in her rocker come daylight.


Due to their parents sleeping in, Ada and Alexia head out to the diner to get some breakfast. Its a weekend, so they have the day to themselves.


Despite hating the outdoors, Ada builds a snowman with her sister. I didn’t tell either of them to do this, they just started on their own. Ada do you REALLY hate the outdoors?


Oh wow! What a pretty townie!

Random Girl: Wowie! The simmer thinks I’m pretty!


You’re not that pretty. Move along.

RG: 😦 But I’m a fairy!


Jack is enjoying some actual food for the first time ever. It must be amazing to go from eating raw veggies to eating….raw veggies, on a plate!


Ada is still tip-typing away on her fist book. Shes about half-way done though so that’s good.


When she grows too stressed, I send her to out to collect rocks until she’s too tired to anymore. Our finds are dwindling again, I’m desperate to keep them afloat.


I’m ripped back home though and I realize its Teagan’s adult birthday. Poo. I thought she was younger than that.


She doesn’t look too different. She aged well.


Jack: My wife is old!

Teagan: Watch it old man, the reaper will be here for you first!


Also, this is why we’re running short on funds. A room for the twins. No cribs, just two rockers and their toys. Sorry girls.


They still do good getting potty trained though. They’re both finished up. I think Annette needs to learn to talk and Jessica has to learn to walk? I’m not sure.


Annette has a imaginary buttface. I hate these things, especially since reading about what happened to Alani Vinsion, I just don’t trust these evil little things. It’ll soon be stuffed in another person’s inventory and spend Annette’s life begging to come out and “play”.


Apparently Annette was not as trained as I thought. She learned to talk and then Teagan taught her to walk, while Jack worked on Jessica.


Library is a hot spot. I probably took this for a better reason, but I don’t remember it. It might be that guy with the yellow hair and pink skin. I think he’s a distant…uncle?


Jack leaves for work, letting Teagan to finish skilling two toddlers. Nice Jack.


Alexia was at the tavern again when a lady with two adopted children with her decided to die.


Grim spawned into the bathroom next to her which was funny enough but…


It was the woman’s bathroom! He couldn’t leave LOL


He just did this a million times and then finally poofed, taking the ghost with him. I thought it was hilarious.


Look no skill bar!


After a day at work, let’s try this again. He’s at like 80 days (out of 90) and I’m getting antsy.

Instead the fountain of youth makes him childish. Thanks.


And after another two tries, we get a reset! It says Young Adult, but he’s just reset his Elder bar. Good thing too, it should probably last him until the heir is ready to take over.


Miss Hates the Outdoors is out building a snowman with her sister again. A tragic clown one ahaha…he’s so cute!


Then the girls head inside to pillow fight. They’re good friends at this point. Its nice to see siblings getting along.


Ada: Gather around plebs and hear the tale of the skeleton hand.


Ada: Once upon a time there was a man, as thin and white as bones. He was a creepy man who lived in a creepy house. It was said he ate children for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Teagan: I’m appalled by how bad this is.


Alexia: I don’t wan to be eaten.


Ada: …and they never saw the man again.

That was actually how she ended her ghost story, just btw.


Jack spends spends some time with his girls. Its another Snow Day. I think Ada has gone to school twice her entire life.


Then he spend some time with Alexia.


And then its time for Ada’s teen birthday. No real party, not until she’s a teen. Its not like theres anyone to invite but Teagan’s sister – and she hates Teagan so I doubt she’d show up.


No other pictures, just straight to teendom…and wow she’s gorgeous. And she rolled the Evil trait!!!! That’s +3 giving her a +4 score and the lead!


Ada: I have the lead?

Yup, its all yours.

Ada: Perfect.


She has this smugness about her. Its almost creepy.


Meanwhile, after the girls go to bed, Teagan and Jack celebrate their first child making it to teenagerdom.


And then Jack attacks a snowman. He wins.

He’s escorted back in, because tonight is also the twins’ birthdays. No cake since I don’t want to have cake for life in the fridge. Just sparkles and cuteness.


Annette rolls Dog Person. She now has 0 points to her name!187189

Jessica rolls Can’t Stand Art. She now has 3 points! She’s ride behind Ada!


Also, this is what she looks like in CAS. So very pale.


The girls get actual beds and spend their first night dreaming of the riches they may one day inherit.


The next morning, since Ada is a potential heiress, I send her spouse hunting. We’ll be marrying a townie one more time and then start bringing in legacy sims. I’ll probably do spouse votes after this generation. This is Corren Dwyer. He’s not bad.


Only 6/10? We can find better. We found out he has a girlfriend anyway.


I left to check on the family and came back to this. Ada had been picking a fight with some girl in the library. Her evil trait really shows.


Oh look! Its Tricia again! She’s growing up lovely!


This guy was at the library and we stalked him home. His face is slightly unfortunate…let’s just see what she thinks…


Huh. She really likes him. Well, we can adjust his eyes a little I’m sure…


I only edited his eyes and gave him a new hairstyle and the improvement is stunning. Go get him girl.

Ada: Don’t mind if I do.

Enjoy some friendship spam.


She asks him to prom to which he says…


Sweet. Prom date acquired.


And then before we can get any further, he leaves to get something to eat. Meh. I just sent her home. We’ll try again another day.

Scoreboard of Evil

Ada: +4
Alexia: -2
Annette: 0
Jessica: +3

4 thoughts on “1.5 Improvements

    1. Aw yes! Thank you so much! I’ll be browsing and trying to narrow it down to a male and female choice. I still don’t know who Gen 3’s heir will be or what their gender preference will be after all. Thank you thank you thank you! 😀


      1. I’m so excited that you want to use one of the Wonderlands! I need to catch up on this legacy ASAP. I’ve been short on time recently, but I’m working on it :).


  1. Well, now I’m caught up!

    For some reason, I had convinced myself that negative score was better because negative is eeeevil, I guess. Annette is one of the most attractive children I’ve seen in the game; there’s something about Sims 3 child faces that have never looked quite right to me. I think she’s pretty close to a Teagan clone, but that looks very nice on a child.

    I’m still rooting for Jessica, so I’m pleased to see her score so far. I just love Jack’s hair.

    Also, those puddles in the first few pics. Hahaha.


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