About the Challenge

The Ripper Legacy is a slightly edited Rags to Riches legacy with an added twist – its also a Villain Legacy! It follows the following rules from the Rags to Riches Legacy (the original found here)

– Your founder and heirs may be either male or female. If your founder is a male, it is ok to have a female heir and vice versa. They must be an Elder.
– No cheats allowed except where I’ve specified below. Build cheats authorized. (moveObjects, constrainfloorelevation, ect.)
– Mods acceptable, such as Awesome mods. Mods should not conflict with the intent behind these rules. Bragging rights to anyone who’s founder builds a foundation first, since they did it without a real job.
– Set your game to normal lifespan. You may adjust age sliders, but they must equal out to 90 days. Once set, they cannot be changed.
– You may use lifetime aspiration points any way you wish, however the “No Bills Ever” reward is off limits.
– The “Inheritance” aspiration point reward is off limits until the 3rd generation, and then restricted to one time use each generation thereafter. ( Founding generation, first generation, second generation, third generation, ect.)
The “Young Again Potion” aspiration point reward may only be used ONCE in the entire challenge. The “Young Again Potion” may not be used in the challenge.
– No travelling until you have $50,000. (Meaning no WA trips. You can take stay-cations to the beach and such.)
– Once an heir reaches the YA stage, they should be considered your primary character, and you can no longer do anything to assist the previous generation toward promotions.
– You may move as you see fit. Your founding generation must build their home, but if a succeeding generation builds a home, it must meet the minimum specs I’ve outlined below before you can grant your sims access. (restrict access by purchasing front door last, or the door to additional rooms last.) Again, note that your founding generation must start on an empty lot.
– No triggering age transitions until the counter reaches “0”.
– No celebrity status until you have $1 million net worth. Sometimes you just can’t do anything about a co-worker being famous. If you become a 1 star celebrity on accident, then don’t intentionally rise higher than 1 star. Any free stuff obtained before achieving a $1m net worth must be deleted.
No Vampirism. Supernatural States are allowed as long as they age as normal.
You may have “spares”. Each Generation must have at least three children.
– You may use cats or dogs to make money. (Hunting skill)
– Bragging rights to anyone who accomplishes this, and simultaneously monopolizes all the venue’s without adding the value of the venues to their net worth. The venues must be at their highest level in order to warrant the bragging rights.
– If you purchase venues (not partner), you may add the “sell” value of the lot to your net worth manually, the old fashioned way with a calculator, pen and paper. The game doesn’t do this for you, however in the real world, this would be a factor in your net worth- so I’ll allow it and deem it another method to reach the $1B net worth.
– Siblings of an heir must move out when either they, or the designated heir reaches career level 7.
– Siblings must be moved out into a completed home. The idea is to build a family name into prosperity with limited favoritism. You may need to add more affordable homes and lots to your world.
Elder sims must retire, and if that option is not available, then they must quit working. Elder Sims may retire, but do not have to.

Here are the minimum specs for every home you build:
– 2 room minimum, one to use as a bathroom/latrine
– 1 toilet
– 1 shower or tub
– 1 sink
– 1 counter
– 1 window per room (exceptions apply to interior rooms and basements where having a window wouldn’t make sense.)
– 1 light per room
– complete floor coverage
– complete interior and exterior wall coverage
– roof
– All rooms must be fully enclosed such as a bathroom. Open floor plans permissible, such as a kitchen/dining room combo.

And then of course, there is how we pick the heirs – that is whoever is the most evil out of the legacy. Below is the chart taken from The Dinglebats Villain Legacy

Chart O'Evil 3

It was not updated  past the University expansion pack and someday I might get around to fixing it for my own purposes. That day is not today however and those life states/traits shall be judged as they are stumbled upon.