Generation one

1.6 Threats of Love


Last time, Ada failed to be lucky in love. We got him to go to Prom with us but he got hungry and walked away. We start up today with some more good old fashioned stalking.


Its been a day since we were last at his house and we have returned to finish the job and nab him as a boyfriend. Dillon has been a hard one to nab, but we’re gonna do it. He and his younger brother(?) are just hanging out in the entry hall when Ada arrives. Say, doesn’t that wall look familiar? You sure love it, don’t you Dillon?


Ada moves in for the kill. We’re not playing around today. You will be ours!


Ada: So you’re really hot…

Dillon: I concur. But…uh I also have to work so…


Gone again. Gosh darn it!


Jack: Youngest Spawn.

Jessica: Parental Unit.


So uh whats wrong with this stove? Its really glitchy looking when dirty. Weird.


The three youngest enjoy some playtime…Alexia is aging up today. I hope she and Ada stay close. They were Good Friends as children.


A small gathering, since there isn’t really anyone to invite but Teagan’s sister. They don’t hate each other anymore, but I still doubt she’ll come.


Alexia: I wish to have a trait more like Ada’s! I wanna be in the running!


And here she is! She earned herself the Neat trait. More like Ada instead. This looses her one point, setting her score to -3. You have no chance Alexia.

Alexia: I’m trying 😥


Once again I send Ada to find Dillon and this time WE. WILL. HAVE. HIM.


Ada: BE MINE ❤


Dillon: What the foop? You don’t just kiss someone like that you spazz!

Ada: But…


And once more he stomps off.

Ada: 😥


Annette: I’m going to win this thing and be heir and I’m gonna be the most evil sim, ever!

Jack: Good luck with that kid. You got zero points. You’ve got alot to prove.


Also, we built a second bathroom! In Annette and Jessica’s favorite colors. Its simple for now, but I’m just happy to have one. Things were getting sketchy.


Back again Ada?

Ada: I’m not done. He WILL be mine.


Ada: Nice house you have. It would be a shame if I had to burn it down because you won’t be my boyfriend.

Dillon: What?

Ada: Nothing, nothing.


Ada: Listen Dillon, I like you. You should like me.

Guy in Background: Mom, we should probably call someone, the press, the police, anyone. that girl is threatening to burn down the house.

Woman in Background: Uh-huh.


Ada: Now if you know whats good for you, you better flirt back with me.

Dillon: I never noticed you have pretty eyes.

Ada: That’s a good start.


Ada senses weakness.




Ada: Smart move. I’d hate to have to kill you and your family.


Ada: Now make it official with me?


Fearing for his safety and the safety of his family, he does as she asks. Smart boy.


Uh…whats up Teagan?

Teagan: Be silent, watcher.

Teagan: This is going to be great!


Teagan: Your sister has found her spouse!

Jessica: My chances at being heir!


Oh and its prom. Get ready for the prom spam.

Prom, everybody!


That’s a neat one, Teagan, I like it.


Jessica: We gotta do something Ann or we’re gonna lose

Annette: I already accepted that there’s no chance for me.

Jessica: That’s no way to be!


Meanwhile, Jack is off for an adventure.


Even with my shitty graphics, Dragon Valley is very beautiful *sighs*


Ada: Future heirs should not have to do homework.

Get used to it.


Coz you all have to do it.


Teagan paints another really cool painting. I’ve been trying to keep red/black/white ones since they’ll fit with the setting of the house.


I forget why I took this one. Probably showing off the garden for some reason? Maybe I moved it? I just noticed its not fenced. Its a surprise Zombies haven’t been at it.


Ada: …So I threatened to nuke his house and then we went upstairs and…

Jessica: You’re aware I’m just a child and don’t want to hear about the things you do with your crappy boyfriend right?


Look at all this empty space!


All because I finally gave Jack and Teagan their own room. White and Red, their favorite colors, of course.


Teagan still remains out in the living room to write however. Its nice that its finally JUST a living room instead of the living room + Jack and Teagan’s bedroom.


I think Jack should get some help with his garden. Maybe it’ll be Ada since she’s the current potential heir.

No sooner do I think this than I find that Ada got off the bus early from school. She’s several lots away doing her homework, safe from the threat that is the garden.

Shorter chapter is short, but I have to go to work. Hopefully I’ll just get my butt in gear and finally post all of Generation One already! I am already on Generation Two in game…but Sims 3 has been so glitchy for me lately that I haven’t been playing. I’ll try again in a few days I guess. Anyway, here’s the running:

Ada: +4
Alexia:  -3
Annette: 0
Jessica: +3

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