Generation one

1.4 Birthday Crunch


Teagan gets right on starting Alexia’s training.


Obligatory poop face shot.


I was panning the camera around, checking on everyone when I spotted this dude outside. Wtf?


The second thing I notice was the garden wasn’t frosted over anymore! Yay!


The third thing was, this lady walking with her toddler by the house. She stopped for a moment, as if she wanted to come over but then kept moving.


The man sat down his own toddler and then began to play his guitar. Nice buddy. Why are you here?


“Visiting Situation”? The Rippers don’t even know the Kelly family. I have no idea why the two are at the lot.


Also this is the toddler as an adult. Remember this face, because you’ll see it again!


Here are both of the girls, looking oh so happy and oh so cute, playing away.

Despite being a genius, Alexia seems to have such trouble with the blocks.


Looks like Teagan and Jack had too much fun…ahaha…


While mommy is getting sick, Alexia is getting pissed about being in her rocker. Shes either asleep in it, or screaming to get out. There is no in between.


Mandatory puke picture. She gets sick ALOT this pregnancy. Every two hours shes throwing up. Its awful for her.


But luckily, its also Ada’s birthday. Time for her to become a child and just a tad more independent.

Sorry for the walls down shot, but the house is so cramped right now. I really need to get to rebuilding it. Anyway, I also missed the sparkle shot, so instead here’s Ada blowing out her candles with her mother’s assistance.


And here’s Ada as a child. She’s so pale, I threw some makeup on her in hopes of giving her face SOME color. As a child, Ada rolled the Neat trait…taking a point from her score, giving her a total of +1.


Teagan: A princess? She’s supposed to be evil!

Ada: I’m plenty evil as I’ll show you if you don’t get out of my way so I can have some cake!


Ada: I’m so evil, in fact, one day this house will be mine.

Teagan: Keep dreaming kid.

Jack: Bathroom cake is the best cake.


Here is her new room. Purple with pink accents. Alexia will be stuffed in here with her someday. The room is just off the kitchen.


Miss hates the outdoors wishes for a hopscotch court and plays it outside. My sims haven’t been very loyal to their own traits, have they?


I sent her to the library next to write some books to make some income for the family. Start ’em early!

Back home, Jack is working with Alexia. Have some spam!


She’s quite cute when she’s not screaming her head off. But…her starting traits are quite dismal. Hopefully they get better in time.


Oh so pretty…

But then I realize its spooky day! Go get some candy child!


She doesn’t even bother dressing up and only one house has anyone home to give her candy. Oh well, once piece is better than none.


Back home, we’re under siege! There have been five or six children here for candy.


Alexia: Hunger!

Ada: You’ll never be anything great.


Teagan: After this, NO more babies. If he even comes near me I…I…I’ll…

You’ll what?


Teagan: I’ll punch him right in his face!


Not long after, I think the next morning, Teagan goes into labor. Everyone panics.


She changed clothes, trying to sneak off to the hospital, but I stopped her. We can’t afford a babysitter!


ANOTHER girl! Annette is her name. Annette is William’s wife and a scientist that helps create the original zombie virus in Resident Evil. Annette rolls the Friendly and Loner Traits, giving her  -1 points to start.


Teagan plops Annette down outside, in the rain and reaches in to give birth to another.


A fourth girl! (in the distance Jack sighs heavily)

This is Jessica. Jessica was in Resident Evil Revelations. Not gonna say too much about her, but urgh, she was my LEAST favorite character in that game. She rolled the Heavy Sleeper and Athletic traits to start. giving her +1 to start with. Well, its not much but its better than nothing.


Inside Jack is…Excuse me Teagan.

Teagan: Photobomb! *evil laughter*


As I was saying, inside Jack is finishing up teaching Alexia to talk. She ages up soon.


Ada has been at school making friends and she went home with this child. At first I thought they were nothing more than another child wearing the plantsim outfit, but I decided to take a closer look.


Tricia is indeed a plantsim. I still have that Children of the Fullmoon mod in so she was probably born on a fullmoon. Yes, that mod works on Townies, but rarely. Tricia just got lucky I guess. Also, remember her – she’ll come into play later…


They work on homework “together” and get to know one another before Ada leaves for curfew.


Alexia’s reign of terror goes on.


Jack to the rescue. But…then I goes these popups:114115

I’ve NEVER gotten them so early in a game. I guess they really love eachother after all…


Both parents take a moment to critic their daughter’s playing.


And then makeout while shes aging up. Pro-parenting 101 featuring Jack and Teagan.


And here is Alexia as a child. She does not look happy. At least she’s not a toddler anymore who’ll scream and keep her parents up all the time.


Here we see how much they care their middle child aged up.

Alexia: That’s fine, I have a bed.


Then, they take the babies out of their rockers so that they can age up as well.


This is Jessica, whose favorite color is green.

And Annette, whose favorite is yellow. She had the random-genetic brown hair but I switched it to black instead. They’re both adorable. Also as a side note, all FOUR girls got their mother’s pointed ears! Wow!

Anyway, I think thats more than enough Rippers and Birthdays for this chapter. Have a good day everyone! See you next time!

One thought on “1.4 Birthday Crunch

  1. Alexia has the best poop face. I LOVE Jack’s hair on Jessica. I guess she has the only negative score right now? Heheh. Not doing so well on the villain part of this legacy so far. Didn’t the plantsim have the flower walk? I guess a lot of people hate it, but I love it. I love plantsims in general, but I have to use MasterController to remix their faces when their harvested as babies. Grr. Clones. Grr.

    I was thinking that all those visiting toddlers would be spouse material in the not-too-distant future.


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