Generation one

1.1 Starting Somwhere

Hello everybody and welcome to a new legacy by yours truly! This, as you can see is a Villain-Style Rags to Riches. My Sim starts out dirt poor, having to pay the computer back for his lot and one day his children will be rich. Well not his children, but his great-to-how-many-degree-grandchildren.

Anywhoo, let’s meet our would-be Villain!

Quick note: Language warning for this legacy. Curse words will probably be used. They are Villains after all.



This is Jack Ripper. He’s named after the infamous serial killer who stalked the streets of London in the late 1800s. He’s a hot-headed diva who is evil and a great kisser with some klepto tendencies. His LTW is own 50k of stolen stuff. Stand up guy, amirite?


Jack: You make me sound like an asshole!

You’re evil. You’re supposed to sound that way. Chill Jack, chill.

Anyway, as you all can surely tell, Jack here is an Elder. In the traditional sense of a Rags to Riches Legacy, you start as a teen. That’s boring though. So I decided to race the clock for a heir as an Elder. So Jack needs to get started already. He now has 0 dollars to his name and owes the computer 8,192 dollars to buy his lot.


However, he finds a expensive flower nearby and we need him to jog around alot so he can live a long time. So we use the funds from that flower (I think it was a Sweet William? It was worth $600) and he goes to his first and only class.


Out he comes! I send him for a short jog to the nearby lake so that way we can catch some fish to sell. Maybe we can even find a place cook them for dinner!


He eventually gets tired and calls for a taxi the rest of the way there, not before being involved in an awful hit and run accident.


How did you survive that? o.O

Jack: I’m a villain, baby. We never really die.

Well…I suppose you’re…right?


What in the world is going on here? We barely get here when some girl in red smacks around a girl in white.

Jack: Cat-fight. Hot.


He’s a better look at their faces. Look, there goes old Jack! We were heading off to fish, but both there girls are pretty. I sense some spouse material. Let’s see what Jack thinks.


We pop off a quick hello to the one in white. Her name is Shannon MacAnna. No heart fart. Jack no likey. We move onto the one in red.


Sweet. Her name is Teagan MacAnna. Apparently she is Shannon’s sister.


So Jack goes in for the kill. Make her yours Jack!

Jack: Working on it.

The other one stands there and reads a book while we court her friend. But you know I what I noticed taking this shot?


The markings on her face and her pointed little ears! So adorable! Shes got a beautiful shade of red hair as well. I really want her.


But she’s kind of a bitch. Ah well. It wouldn’t be fun if she were easy. Shannon is just reading yet. Must be a good book.


Shannon has given upon reading and Teagan is still being a pain in the ass. She doesn’t like to gossip or chat too much. Jack and I are getting frustrated. He’s rolled a wish to be good friends with her though.


Jack: Sorry the the sixteenth thing that I’ve done to insult you!

Teagan: It’s alright. I’ll accept your sixteenth apology. Just calm down!

Shannon: The sunset is so pretty…


Getting tired of the crap, Jack pounces with a HTMK.


Who could say no to that sexy elder face?


Kiss accepted. Finally. From here its a quick process. We’re gonna have a wife tonight. Have some romantic spam.


I get them married right away. She brings 2,253 dollars to the household. I decide to keep it because it will help out with my plan of action.


Jack leaves the park a smug, married, criminal. Teagan is behind him. I gave her a makeover. You guys have to wait for her spouse card to see.


Starving, I send them both of to get something to eat together. Something to celebrate that they are married.


She’s so pretty. This town has the best townies! The Dislikes Children trait may be a problem however…


Everyone has a pouty face, proving even Villains have a cute moment.

Jack: I am not cute >:[ I am evil! Fear me! …Also, get me a bed.

Oh. Right.


Here is their tent. Cool huh? The flames match the color scheme of Jack’s hair!


Jack: So tired.

Teagan: Being married is tiring work.

The bed is there guys, go!


But first…We need children.


Teagan: I’m married! *swoon*

That’s not really Villain-y…


The marriage has been consummated and there was a lovely little jingle! 🙂


Seems the Rippers have similar goals in life.

Speaking of which, Teagan’s LTW is to be the Emperor of Evil, but per the RtR rules, the first generation cannot hold down fulltime jobs at all. Sad because she started out at level 5 of the Criminal Career. Right now, they cannot even have a part-time job until a house is built. So we need money and we need it fast. We also need some time to work on Jack’s skills and get him up to snuff.


As the Rippers slumber, they get a cute late-night visitor. Hm…maybe we need some pets in this legacy…Maybe a cat. A Villainous cat.


In the morning Teagan rises and begins texting. Who is she annoying? Her sister I believe.

Teagan: A good morning starts with letting your sister know shes a piece of goody-good trash.



She then makes a beeline to talk to the paper boy. Her hands say ‘I wanna talk’ but her face says ‘Murder’.


Sad-faced paper boy is unimpressed.


Teagan: This place is a disgusting mess.


Well…that would be because of our furry visitor last night.

Teagan: Disgusting.


I’m sending Jack to University because a) they have the funds and b) he really needs time to jog.


Teagan cleans up a little before her husband of one day leaves.


And them promptly pukes.

Teagan: Its making me strong.

Jack: Disgusting.


Jack: But aw, I’m married! *swoon*


And also off to college! He’ll be doing a degree in Physical Education, but only a week. Mostly we’ll be focusing on trying to find stuff to sell to get the land bought at least. I doubt we’d be able to find enough to get the house built up too. But we, do need to really work on that considering that Teagan is expecting a little one. We have to have a crib to keep them in after all.


Teagan waves goodbye to her husband and we head off to university.

I’m not going to lie, I’m gonna skip through alot of this. Its boring to play through and I’m sure it’d be boring to read. Besides that, Teagan and that baby is where the action is. That’s the future of this Villain legacy!


Since we literally have 500 dollars to our name at this point, we live at the dorms. These are the roomies. Don’t bother learning their name, Jack hardly sees them again. He has a sleeping bag so we can sleep on the go.


We head off to the meet and greet early to avoid the crowd push at the door. We meet the llama…because llamas?

Jack: This man knows a form of evil, we should be friends.

No Jack, he knows a form of heat stroke.


We load up on freebies and hit up the tabcast for some extra skilling. Since theres no class the first day, Jack gets to spend the day jogging.


Then we steal a…light for money? Jack, it was only worth like 60 dollars!

Jack: That’s 60 bucks I didn’t have.



The almighty flame pjs! Sorry, this was my favorite part of making his outfits. Its hard to make an old man look scary and I didn’t want to go the typical black hair/red eyes route for my villains. Pastels are the real crime here!


Jack sleeps and this zombie goes skinny dipping. Lovely.


And suddenly he’s a regular sim again. Alright then. Better get out before you drown and wake Jack up with your pointless death.


*inserts picture just because it looks cool*


And here we see the unzombified man, still eating a bush. Hope it tastes good buddy.


Jack: I’m gonna rob this werewolf for money.

I wouldn’t do it on a full moon Jack.

Jack: *evil laughter*


Jack: Listen professor, I think your lecture was great, but I feel you misinterpreted washing machines.

Teacher: *derps and disappears a moment later*

Well then.


Jack has fun in class. He messes around more than he actually learns.


He’s also often on the hunt for things late into the night.


And he ends up sleeping in weird places.


Not having the Collection Helper makes finding bugs and stuff a pain in the butt. I spent alot of time hunting around while he did his own thing. Luckily I found these bugs and those flowers and had him get up and jog out to fetch them.


He does go to class though, I promise. He does…wellish in them. When he’s not sleeping through lectures and waiting paiently to know if he could go to the bathroom.


Jack: I feel it…I’m going to trasnform into a werewolf AROOOOO!

No Jack. You’re not a werewolf.

Jack: Way to ruin it. At least say spoiler next time jeeze.


Jack spent the last day at University after acing his finals jogging around and finding flowers. We almost have enough to buy the land but not quite. We also got our skills worked up a bit, but not too much. We will not be coming back to University, as we have a baby to prepare for. Let’s get this Villain Legacy on a roll and butter it already!

Jack: That was awful. Way to end the chapter.

See you next time!

6 thoughts on “1.1 Starting Somwhere

  1. Ooh, I love Jack, and the idea of the pastels being evil, lol! Teagen is really pretty, too, those DV townies are so gorgeous. I haven’t heard of this challenge, could you put up a link to the Rags to Riches rules?


    1. I totally forgot to put the About the Challenge Page up! I adjusted the rules for the Rags to Riches challenge a little bit for my own challenge (silly me) its been such a chaotic few days I can’t believe I forgot

      Thats the link that has the link back to the original challenges and it also has my edited rules. The page should now also show up on the side bar should you ever wanna look at it again. Sorry about that!

      And yes! I was surprised by Teagan! I’ve played in DV but I usually ignore the townies. Never again! As for Jack being Pastel, as I said, everyone does the black/white/red theme. I needed to shake it up! He’ll show them all that pastels can be just as evil despite his wife giving into the stereotype!


  2. Finally starting to read! I love Teagan! Dragon Valley really does have fantastic townies. I don’t think I know the rules for Rags to Riches challenge, but I like the fact that they are heavily restricted in making money. I like having to work hard :).

    My Evil sim in the Sample Legacy had a favorite color of pink. This amused me to no end. I even changed the green in his Emperor of Evil


    1. Dragon Valley does have alot of interesting people in it. And the Rags to Riches is hard – alot of things are restricted and there are rules about building houses too.
      Pastels and light colors are totally evil. Ahaha. Thats just more proof!


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